POVERTY: Even if education is free, the cost of books and uniforms is free and poverty is a big challenge in the family, it still can sometimes make education inaccessible.

LACK OF SAFE AND PRIVATE LATRIENES FOR GIRLS: Stigma and other factors means 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school during her period.

GENDER INEQUALITY: Girls are often kept home from school to help with family care and housework while boys are given the first preference to go to school in other families.

EARLY GIRL CHILD MARRIAGE AND EARLY PREGNANCY: Child bride and early pregnancy always force girls to drop out of school.

VIOLENCE: Girls may face various forms of violence at the hands of teachers, peers, classmates and other people in the school environment. If parents find out school is not a safe place for their daughters, they may remove them out of school.

LONG DISTANCE TO SCHOOL: Girls are at an increased risk of experiencing violence or harassment while on their way to school.
Let us prioritize girls in education!

By Lois Hemgren

Foto av: Dennis Toe.