Development Talk 11/12, Failing of global education

A seminar was held at Sida on December 11, 2017, about Education. The topic was "Development Talks: Failing the 2030 Agenda?- the Global "Learning Crisis".
This event was organised in association with the Swedish National Commission for UNESCO.

Today 263 million children worldwide lack access to education. 100 million youth around the world have no reading skills, 1 in 7 primary school teachers are not trained, and millions of children and youth continue to be taught in a language they do not speak at home. While global progress on access to primary education has been made, major problems remain for the children and youth who are enrolled in schools. There is no doubt that 'schooling without learning' is an immense waste of resources and human potential.

"The learning crisis" risks widening social gaps and inequalities as opposed to narrowing them. Children and youth who are already challenged by disadvantages such as poverty, conflict, gender equality and disability reach young adulthood without basic life skills.

At the same time, the financing for education in total aid has fallen for the sixth year in a row, and one in four governments do not meet the agreed education financing targets.

For Liberia Dujar Association, education is our passion. We have been talking to donors about not dropping education from their lists of finances because ONLY "Education is the key to Peace, Freedom and Development" according to us."

Foto av: Dennis Toe.