Nursing Textbooks to Dujar University College

Mr. Philip Davis, the 1st Dean of the Lois B. Hemgren School of Health Sciences, has gifted a consignment of over 100 textbooks on nursing and midwifery to Liberia Dujar University College from the United States of America, where he is currently studying for his doctorate degree in nursing administration.

The books were packed in a barrel and shipped to Liberia in the care of the President, Rev. Nathan F. Mahteh, Sr. The books have been logged and placed in the library.




The college owes so much gratitude to its former Dean, and our appreciation is being conveyed to Mr. Davis by the President of the College. We will use this opportunity to request Mr. Davis to gather, especially, midwifery books for our upcoming midwifery program.

By: Tanneh-Bartee Seneh
Dean of Administration
Liberia Dujar University College